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About DogStar’s Dog Training

Do you need some dog training help in starting a new pup?

Training a new pup outdoors!

Dog Training with DogStar:

Dog training, no matter what your needs are, basic obedience, household manners, or maybe you need some help in starting a new pup in your home. Perhaps you are somewhere on the other end of the spectrum and you have very serious behavior problems to deal with. DogStar dog training can provide you the solutions and guidance you need.

DogStar is a broad-based Dog Training Company. Broad-based in that we have spent years learning about all the variations of dog training methodologies and have worked to combine and refine the best of those to be able to offer the most comprehensive dog training programs available.

We are able to offer very specialized training. We work mostly as Private Trainers, meaning that your household works one on one with a dog trainer from DogStar. We teach you how to train your dog. The way we like to describe the relationship is that you, as the dog’s owner are the ‘trainer’, we are the ‘coach’ and the dog is the ‘athlete’.

We will teach you, guide you and coordinate the full training of your dog. We encourage you to ask questions. The best way to learn how to train your dog is to have an understanding of not just the ‘how’ of things, but also the ‘why’. Many clients have said that our ability to explain things and to demonstrate techniques to them in a way they can easily understand is what makes us so much different than trainers they have worked with before. You can see a small sampling of some of our clients comments by going to the Letters of Recommendation page.

You are the trainer, we are the coach, and the dog is the athlete.

You are the trainer, we are the coach, and the dog is the athlete.

Lola Great Dane on a relaxed sit, dog training teaches confidence.

Basic Obedience teaches a dog to be more relaxed and confident.


One on one, we can even come to you, and we can work around your schedule. In today’s busy world, we will prove to be just the solution you are looking for.

It is all too easy to speak or write a good game when it comes to dog training, the proof is in the doing and we at DogStar encourage you to speak to many dog trainers and to watch them working their own dogs. Then see if they will actually even work your dog as part of a demonstration appointment. The best consumer is an educated consumer.

So please feel free to browse around our website and get a feel for who we are. We also offer you quality information along the way. When you are ready to contact us just go to the Contact Page and you will have multiple ways to reach us, we would be glad to talk with you about dog training.

We thank you for looking into DogStar for your dog training needs,

Training Programs Page:

Eric Lundquist
Owner and Head Trainer
DogStar Training Systems – Norwalk CT 06850 – 203-722-0396
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