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Accelerated Program

Accelerated Training Program:

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DogStar is very excited about our Accelerated Training Program, for over eleven years it has been far and away the most popular training program we offer. Our Accelerated Training Program allows us to combine Basic Obedience and Advanced Obedience into one program. In much less time than all past methods would require, we can have your dog reliable in Off Leash Response, and give you immediate changes in your dog’s less desirable behaviors. This is a cutting edge program and only a small number of Professional Trainers are even aware of the techniques and methodology involved. Unlike most of our other programs, we do this on a flat fee basis. Different as well is that a part of the program is done in private sessions and a part is done in small group sessions.

The Accelerated Training Program costs $1250.00* and consists of  7 private sessions.‡ The first and sometimes the second appointment is conducted at your home, the remaining private sessions are done at one of our local parks. Additionally, you will get 1 year of unlimited semi-private sessions, also at a local park. These sessions typically have 3-4 dogs and owners, but are always limited to a maximum of 6 ‘teams’. These are the same as our Advanced Classes.

We typically hold 14-18 semi-private group sessions a year, doing 2 or 3 a month, during the months of April through October.

This program gives such fast, positive and effective results that people often think it is ‘magic’! When we do the preliminary Consultation/Evaluation appointment and people can weigh the benefits of all our programs, better than 19 out of 20 choose the Accelerated Training Program.

Off leash program trained dog working with hand signals.

Off leashed trained dog working with hand signals. Great job!

Additionally, because of the success and demand for this program we have two
additional enticements to offer you:

  • *Ask us about our $125.00 discount program.
  • *See our Referral Program and you could end up training your dog for no cost!

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Accelerated Program:
‡All 7 sessions must be used within 4 months of first sessions date.

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