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Advanced Classes

Advanced Semi-Private Classes: (Adv.C)

DogStar offers an Advanced Training program. This is the only DogStar training that is done in a group setting. The group at this time is limited to 6 people and dogs, hence we call them Semi-Privates.

Braveheart makes virtually everyone of  these classes.

Our new pup, Sagan, an English Shepherd

This is Sagan at 8 weeks of age.

Braveheart DogStar's tarining partner

Braveheart, in her prime!

Personal note about Braveheart: While a very healthy dog for 12 years, these past few months have not been easy on her. She is now retired from demo and training partner work; hers is now a life of leisure, making sure the couch is kept warm. We do have a new puppy that we are raising but he won’t be ready for demo or training partner work until April 2012. As of the launch of this new website, mid October 2011, our new pup, Sagan, an English Shepherd, is not quite 12 weeks old!

In order to qualify for these advanced sessions your dog must have successfully completed either:
Advanced Obedience Training or our Accelerated Training Program.

People come for ‘refresher training’ and for doing a lot more Advanced Training Scenarios with their dogs. Many owners have taken their dogs to levels of training well beyond what most people ever even conceive of. But having the best trained dogs in our towns or cities is a goal that most of us share.

Our dogs are truly ambassadors for well mannered pets everywhere.

Advanced Dog in sport agility training.

That's how you do it! Fast and with a smile. Agility!

We teach such advanced concepts as directionals, proper fetching, jumping on command, agility, obstacles, and much more. If you can think of it we can teach it! A years worth of Advanced Classes are available for only $150.00 and you then get 1 year of Advanced Class participation. You are welcome to come to as many Advanced Classes in the year as you would like.

If your dog has successfully completed Advanced Obedience Training or our Accelerated Training Program, you get 1 year of Advanced Semi Private Group classes included with your program. The above mentioned fee is for those that want to come additional years of the group classes. These sessions meet typically 2 or 3 times a month, spring summer and fall. We have 14 – 18 such sessions per year. Sometimes we will have an apprentice trainer from DogStar join us and occasionally an outside professional trainer will come to learn what we do and offer some of his or her own ideas into the mix. DogStar is getting known for our training programs and for being available to other professionals as well.

We embrace the sharing of ideas and knowledge.
We also believe in the concept of ‘professional courtesy’.

(If you are a Pro-Trainer and would like to stop by a semi-private class please give us a call.)

The sessions are usually weekends and
typically start at 10:15 a.m. and last at least 2.5 hours.

You are welcome to come for as long or as short a time as you want. We do ask that you arrive within the first 30 minutes because we might go for walks away from our meeting places. Typically we meet at a local park, sometimes in downtown Westport and occasionally at a beach, off-season.

Four dogs all on down stays in a group class.

Group class down stays, waiting to be called. Come!

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