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Behavior Modification: (B.Mod)

In most instances Behavior Modification takes place in our Basic Obedience or Accelerated Training programs. Household manners, and many behavioral  issues etc… are dealt with within our training programs. Very often when a family feels their dog has serious behavior issues, they are not as serious as thought and can be dealt with quite readily within a typical, properly structured training program.

Size has little to do with being aggressive. All breeds of dogs can be aggressive.

Size has little to do with being aggressive. All breeds of dogs can be aggressive.

The only behavior situations that will require more effort, of both trainer and owner, will be in the following three areas.

1. Serious dog to people aggression.
2. Serious dog-to-dog aggression.
3. True cases of separation anxiety.

DogStar will not deal with these issues in isolation. Basic Obedience, or our Accelerated Training program must be under taken at the same time. We will integrate very specific procedures for your dog’s behavioral issues into your comprehensive program.

Aggressive behavior displays aren't always aggression.

Aggressive displays aren't always aggression. Here are two dogs playing and it looks aggressive, but is not.

Dealing with such issues necessitates a Consultation/Evaluation appointment and since every dog and household is different we will only give pricing for a Behavior Modification Program based on the C/E appointment. Rates will vary according to the specifics situations.

Some training issues, like aggression are very serious business,
and DogStar will not accept every household looking for help.

It is necessary for the potential client to be open, honest and
sincere in working with these programs.

If we find that the potential client is not up to the task or is being hesitant in the commitment we will not take their dog on as a client.

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“The Diet According to Dog”:

The human, not understanding dog said “I love you, but you are a bad dog.
If I give you many cookies will you be good?”

And the wise dog said “I’ll gladly eat the cookies, but then I’ll just be a fat bad dog.
Instead take me for walks, play games with me and show me how to be good.
Then neither of us will have to get fat and we can both feel good.”

                                                                             By Kathy Lofthouse

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