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Puppy Training

Puppy Training – Education:

German Shorthaired pointer this is a good looking pup!

Puppy training is like preventive medicine! I am Sherman a GSP living in CT, and a client of DogStar.

Our Puppy Training Education Program, like most of our training programs, is done in a private one on one situation. Unlike many others that do puppy kindergarten classes that promote only the socialization factor and are in large part simply play sessions for groups of puppies, our puppy training program is tailored to your exact needs. For instance, perhaps you have had no trouble with house training issues, (aka house breaking, potty training and a myriad of other terms, I much prefer the term house training), what good does it do you to spend time in puppy training kindergarten classes discussing house breaking? The time would be much better spent on discussing problems you are encountering, maybe chewing issues, excessive barking, crate training or teaching basic command word associations like ‘sit’ and ‘come’.

In addition we can give you plenty advice on the best ways to go out and socialize your new puppy. New puppies are exciting and full of unbridled love, enthusiasm and fun, but in order to establish life-long good learning habits and prevent problem behaviors from developing, they need proper guidance (aka puppy training!) and leadership for the owner/family.

Puppy training is puppy education.

Puppy training is puppy education. Shouldn't I learn too?

Leadership is the key to raising a puppy and having a great adult dog. DogStar can put you on sure footing as a foundation for your relationship to grow with your new puppy. At DogStar Training Systems we can cover anything and everything you and your puppy need. The first 16 weeks are a very critical time in your puppies development, proper, handling, training and influences now, can avoid many problems as an adult dog. It is often helpful to think of puppy training as preventative medicine for your future grown dog.

We will devote as much or as little time to each subject as required. We always tailor our training to each individual dog and household. Puppy Education is a flat fee program, the base rate is $450.00 and this includes a minimum of 4.5 hours up to 5.5 hours time total, normally split between three sessions, sometimes four.

This program is available for puppies as young as 8-9 weeks of age and as old as 18-20 weeks of age. Exact age is dependent on factors such as breed, and level of development. Some dogs mature faster than others, even as puppies

Puppy education, training and behavior work.

All dogs deserve a great start in life. Ask about our 15% discount on the Puppy Education Program.

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