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Training Programs

Training Programs we offer at DogStar Training Systems:

“Make the best of your best friend!”

Since DogStar offers mostly in your home, private training programs, our rates vary a little depending on the distance we must drive to get to your home. When you think about it, it is only fair that if we need to drive an hour each way for an appointment we would charge more than if we only need to drive down the street. That said, of course for training programs where you come to us and we meet at a local town and/or park our rates are at the base levels.

Training programs with real world distractions. Let's get going!

Training programs with real world distractions. Let's get going!

It  is also worth noting that to date we have had one client that drove nearly 3 hours, each direction, to train with us, and that many frequently drive 1-1.5 hours.

We much prefer to work in towns and at town parks because the ‘real world’ level of distractions will benefit the progress of your dog’s education. It is fairly easy to work a dog in our homes, or in a very quiet area, but work that same dog in town with traffic, people, other dogs and everyday life to distract them and often the training goes right out the window! You need our training programs. When you learn to train your dog with heavy, everyday distractions, then it will be a breeze to handle them in any environment.


The rates we quote on each program service page are ‘Base Rates’ and is predicated on your meeting us at one of the local towns and parks we use. It also represents the rate for those living closest to our offices for in home training. Beyond a certain mileage-drive time-distance, the rates do go up modestly. We would be happy to quote you exact rates upon arranging for a Consultation/Evaluation appointment regarding any possible training programs for your household.

DogStar offers in home, private programs even for young puppies!

In home, private instruction even for young puppies!

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