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Training Testimonials-


Here is a small selection from some of our testimonials:

(All photos on this page are of the dogs being written about. Photos to be in place very soon.)


Testimonials 1
Eric –

I just wanted to write a note of appreciation for the excellent training work you did with Piper our Weimaraner. You really exceeded our training expectations. Not only did you make an immediate connection with Piper and us we were quite surprised that Piper responded so positively. While Piper has always been well behaved the additional structure given to him through training has further benefited him and us. My wife and I are truly appreciative for your fine work.

William Bernstein

Testimonials 2
Dear Eric,

I’m writing this letter for the benefit of any prospective clients of DOGSTAR Training.  I’ve worked with Eric Lundquist in training my two Great Danes and I strongly recommend him.  Our current dog, Lola, trained with Eric as a puppy and, most recently, as a two-year old dog when some behavioral issues began to arise.  He immediately formed a positive, trusting relationship with our dogs.  Eric’s communication style is clear and direct and his methodologies have proven reliably effective.  Emphasis is placed on consistency, positive, confident approach and follow through.

If your goal is a reliably well-trained dog and you are committed to the process, I would strongly recommend working with DOGSTAR Training and Eric Lundquist.

D.W. (name withheld by request)

Testimonials 3
To whom it may concern,

As a veterinarian, having a well trained dog is paramount and I thankfully have many contacts thru which I could have accomplished this goal. I have  taken dog training lessons with Eric Lundquist of DogStar Training Systems and have been extremely satisfied with the results. My dog has responded wonderfully and I am confident that Eric’s ability is the main reason.

I researched his background before engaging and was pleased to discover that he had studied at the same school that my previous dog trainer for my last pet had attended.  He has years of experience with which he has revised some of the techniques and improved upon a very solid foundational system. DogStar’s E-collar training (the accelerated training program, see ‘Training Programs’ listed on the website’s index) was a new concept to me.  Although I initially had some reservations, this system has allowed my dog the freedom to be off leash while giving me the confidence that he is not only safe but under control.  His training has greatly expanded the activities we can pursue together.

Eric’s initial patience with me was unique and served as one of the bases that encouraged my belief in his program. Combined with a professional disposition, his understanding of the most effective approach towards my dog was an incredible foundation. The process was smooth and I always felt that both pet and owner were advancing on the same page.

I have recommended Eric to my friends and my husband and I will continue to participate in his group lessons.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Dianne Kittrell  D.V.M.


Testimonials 4
It is difficult to think like a dog. The biggest benefit we have gained by working with Eric has been to understand what our dogs need and expect from us, by learning how they think…

Eric not only taught us what we needed to do to train our dogs but he also explained the logic behind the actions with  patience and many hands on demonstrations.

Steven and Monique Brooks

Testimonials 5
To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation to share with you the positive training experiences I have had with Eric Lundquist and DogStar Training Systems.

My name is Jacqueline and I have a 15-month-old Chocolate Lab named Bailey. Bailey received basic home training of sit, down and stay during the early months of his life and attended two basic obedience courses. Although home life was quiet and pleasant, he was still completely out of control while in contact with dogs or humans. Our active social life instituted many greetings in general and in all honesty, greetings were anticipated and dreaded. He was an out of control puppy with dog strength; dangerous for me, for Bailey and for those who were around us during interactive times.

Bailey and I began training with Eric in mid-September of 2001. By first lesson’s end, Eric had addressed the pulling and out of control behavior. My confidence of continuing training and having immediate positive results hit an all time high. Since the Fall, Eric has worked with us to accomplish much: Bailey watches me, comes when called regardless of the environment (dogs, people, children), heel is near-perfect, sit and down stays are consistent, and within weeks Bailey was off leash in the backyard with supervision. These results are Eric’s training and influence.

Eric is always readily available. He returns calls and e-mails promptly with effective information I can put to immediate use. During sessions, Eric addresses issues and concerns first, producing quick result, which allows us to cover new training as well. A prime example, eye drops that were necessary for care. In one session Eric provided direction on how to manage this care versus how I was managing the care. The result, Bailey received the eye care quickly each morning and evening with little effort, peace on the home front once again.

Eric has helped me to understand Bailey and the variety of testing he does so well. I have learned through Eric to effectively address inappropriate behavior early so it does not become habit. I am extremely pleased with Bailey’s progress and although the problems of being well behaved in public were resolved many months ago, there is a wealth of knowledge Bailey has yet to learn with Eric.

I highly recommend Eric as a trainer whether you have specific issues to address or general training. I have immense pride when family, friends and strangers rave about Bailey’s good behavior. I expect it, but they reinforce how well Eric has brought Bailey along. The best part of training, it’s fun! Should you select Eric as your trainer, I am confident your dog will produce similar results.

Jacqueline McCarthy


Testimonials 6
It is with great confidence that I recommend Eric and DogStar Training Systems. He is a dedicated professional and is truly dog’s best friend…

Eric guided me through the terrors of incorporating a puppy, Rodeo, a Jack Russell Terrier, into a household. He not only trained the dog successfully, he taught me how to train the dog and he taught me how to understand the dog…

Eric has opened my eyes to the intelligence of dogs, and has trained my dog with love and in a way that was enjoyable for all.

Roger Ferris


Testimonials 7
To Whom It May Concern,

We have two German Shorthaired Pointers, both high-spirited, headstrong dogs.  Kahlua and Dakota are both six years old.  They’ve both had basic obedience training on several occasions, and while we realized some success with the training, we were not able to maintain that success.

Our dogs became the dominant force in our household.  We had to plan for guests, making sure the dogs were either on leash or in their crates.  Typically both dogs would bark incessantly for the first five minutes of any visit.  They would also bark incessantly when they saw a squirrel, a deer, or a bird.  They would not come on command and were only controllable in a controlled environment or when on leash.  Kahlua and Dakota are both very sweet and we love them dearly, but it reached the point where they were no longer enjoyable as family pets.

My neighbor had great success with DogStar Training and their remote-collar system, and she highly recommended Eric Lundquist.   Eric came to our house for an extensive interview.  He was able to recognize the problems we had by talking with us at length and spending time with the dogs.  Eric felt he could work with us and the dogs and bring us to a level of satisfaction that would be acceptable to us.  He advised that the more we followed the training, the higher the level of satisfaction we could achieve.

We started training as soon as our schedules permitted.   By the end of the first session, Eric was confident that we could make great strides with the training.  He motivated us to work with the dogs and follow the training plan, and we looked forward to each session.  We saw great improvement almost immediately.  At the outset, we expected we would need seven or more sessions, but the dogs were so well behaved by the sixth session that we knew we had achieved our goal.   We now enjoy my dogs again, our dogs enjoy meeting people, and people enjoy meeting them.  Friends, family and even delivery people comment on the improvement and ask what we did to make our dogs so pleasant.

I highly recommend Eric for training, whether for basic needs or tackling a difficult problem such as ours.  He shares his great knowledge and understanding of dogs, making it easier for us to understand the process and work toward the improvement.  His training methods and instructions are very thorough and easy to follow.  He is always available to answer questions or make suggestions.  We are now looking forward to joining Eric for group sessions in the park, (Advanced Classes), and I am confident that my dogs can be off-leash and still well behaved and under control.

Robin Roscillo

Testimonials 8

Dear Eric,

I would like to thank you for working with Murphy and me
on his training and breaking him of his bad habits…

I would strongly recommend you as a trainer because of your tremendous knowledge of dogs and your abilities in training and instructing using leash and remote-collar techniques…

Eric, I look forward to working with you in the future.
A very satisfied customer
Susan Mulhair

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